Dallas, US

Our Supported Carrier Blend
GTT, NTT, Century Link, Level 3, AT&T

Speedtest Coming Soon

QuickCentralHosting offers a low latency US based network, enabling you to deploy your service infrastructure in close proximity to your customer base within the US and still maintain low latency to non US based clients..

Instant Deployment

Depending on your needs we can launch nearly all of our services instantly or within a 24 hour window. We always strive to get you up and running as your payment is sent.

Localized Peering

We always make sure the routes your data takes is the lowest latency for your needs. If theres something you need and we don't have, open a ticket and lets see what we can do!


We always make sure that no matter what your needs, we can always be up and running so you don't have to worry about downtime or losing clients. Our extremely redundant network feeds, network hardware and 1+N power feeds help keep you online.

  • Redundant network gear
  • Redundant Power Feeds
  • Multiple Network Uplinks
  • Backup Power if Redundant feed fails
  • Support technicians on site 24/7

Our primary location offers additional advanced features, custom colocation and deployment options perfectly suited for mission critical enterprise services.